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Property Searches and Checks

Property Searches are checks that are carried out in relation to the property you are purchasing, to determine whether there are any likely external factors that could cause your property to devalue in the near future after purchase.

Local Authority Search

This looks at the planning history of the property and whether the Council are aware of any breaches of in planning permission. The search also checks for proposals for any new traffic schemes and roads that could affect the value of your property, as well as for anything else of interest such as conservation areas and smoke control orders within the Council's control that affect the property.

Drainage Search

This search shows the location of drains and sewers located near or on your property and whether or not surface water and/or foul water drains run into a public or private sewer.

Land Registry Search

This search determines the current ownership of the property and checks that there are no mortgages registered against the property that have not previously been disclosed. If a mortgage is in place the buyers solicitor will obtain confirmation that the mortgage will be repaid.

Bankruptcy Search

If you are taking out a mortgage against the property you are purchasing then the lender will request that your solicitor carries out a search to ensure you are not bankrupt.

Environmental Search

It is recommended that environmental searches are carried out on any property you are purchasing. These searches identify whether there are any landfill/waste disposal sites in the area, if your property has been built on an old industrial site, and whether there are any risks from the land your house is built on being contaminated or having toxic emissions, for example if your property is situated in an area with high levels of radon. Environmental searches should also identify if your property may be susceptible to flooding or subsidence as a result of mining.

Chancel Search

This search reveals whether the property you wish to purchase may be affected by a potential “Chancel Repair” obligation to the local Parish Church.

Read the blog post at Dawson Hart Solicitors to find out more about why chancel searches are needed.

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