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So, what is Conveyancing?

Simply put, it's the term used to describe the legal and administrative parts of transferring the ownership titles of land or property from one person to another. You can't buy or sell property or land without going through the conveyancing process.

The conveyancing process will start once an offer has been accepted, and it will then be completed once the final contracts are signed and any monies have been transferred, thus completing the procedure. Your Conveyancer will undertake the necessary steps for you and this may differ slightly depending on whether you're buying or selling.

Do I need a Conveyancing Solicitor?

Absolutely yes if you're in the process of buying or selling property. It's true that absolutely anybody can legally act as a conveyancer, but regular solicitors are not qualified to do it (i.e. they can do it legally just the same as any other unqualified person can). Still, in our experience, we would highly recommend hiring a solicitor who actually specialises in said subject.

We wouldn't suggest tackling your own Conveyancing either. It's a complicated and somewhat time-consuming process that could quite quickly end in tears should you miss a boundary dispute, for example.

Use our online conveyancing tool to get a quote from our expertly selected panel of conveyancing solicitors. Just pop in a few pieces of information and get your quote in seconds. It's that easy!

Choose your Property Solicitor (Conveyancing Solicitor) wisely.

You've found your property; you've had an offer formally accepted. It's now time to instruct a property solicitor to take care of proceedings for you. Firstly, your Solicitor will let you know of their own terms and conditions along with any fixed costs and it is a given that you will agree to these ahead of any work beginning.

At this point, the estate agent selling the property will exchange everyone's Solicitor's details with each other.

Check out our 'full guide to conveyancing' piece to help you through the process of Conveyancing.

What should I look for when engaging with a Conveyancing Solicitor Online?

Using our Compare Conveyancing online tool certainly helps, as you can be confident that we will only work with Conveyancing Solicitors at the top of their game in this business. But, here are our pointers to help you look out for the correct elements.

Communication is critical - Throughout the process of buying or selling, it's stressful enough as it is, without a Conveyancer who doesn't communicate with you. You need to know, from the start to the end, what is what. Check that your chosen Solicitor will communicate via email, telephone and SMS to make you feel more at ease. Ask if your chosen Conveyancer has an app, or even a portal you can use to keep you up-to-date with your conveyancing process.

Efficiency and speed – It's essential that your Conveyancing Solicitor is organised, methodical, efficient and on the ball with your case.

Cost – Clearly, you want value for money, we all do, but equally, if something appears too good to be true, it more than likely is. Do your research and have a budget in mind.

What are the upsides of using a Conveyancing or Property Solicitor?

  • They will spot what you won't! Something as simple as a border dispute, which could delay proceedings.
  • We'll be upfront with no hidden fees or costs and give you a quote with everything listed, so you know exactly what to expect.
  • You can be safe in the knowledge that all our Conveyancing Solicitors have been pre-vetted.
  • You can keep an eye on the progress throughout your conveyancing journey as many now offer communication via not just the traditional telephone call, but apps too or text message.

The best Conveyancing Solicitors in the business!

We work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that any Conveyancing Solicitors on our platform can offer everything you need. We vet them for their service, their speed, their relevance and their costs. Also, we ensure they are SRA regulated solicitors, so when you use our online conveyancing tool to get quotes, you know you'll be offered an excellent solicitor who is proficient in Conveyancing, whether you're buying or selling.

We constantly monitor other online conveyancing tools to make sure we stay ahead of the game. We listen to our clients and peers to ensure we're bringing to you just what you need to enhance your conveyancing journey.

Conveyancing Fees

Check out our article around conveyancing fees, hints and tips and what you should look out for. But in the meantime, get yourself a quote and then you have a benchmark before trying out any other conveyancing online aggregators.

We can help by providing a fixed fee which includes everything you need to allow for. This way, you can instruct your Solicitor and have a handle on fees, all in one place.

In Summary

Compare Conveyancing Quotes online are all about doing the right thing. We'll look after you right the way through your journey, whether you're buying or selling. By all means, check out other online conveyancing quote portals, then come back to us and get the service you deserve underpinned by a reputable, well-established nationwide business.